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COVID 19 and Funeral Home Concerns

Stay Updated on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are all in unchartered waters and have more questions than answers. We would like to address some of the funeral questions with regards to these difficult times. These are policies and procedures of Osborne-Williams Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Inc., and I cannot speak for what other funeral homes might be doing. The information included in this article comes from the Pennsylvania and National Funeral Director’s Associations, as well as the CDC.

If a loved one dies, please call us as you normally would. We are conducting “business as usual”, and are on call 24/7. We still come to the place of death to transport your loved one into our care, as we always have. Obviously, we may encounter delays with gaining entrance into nursing homes, and the release of the decedent from the hospital, but it is our job to deal with that on your behalf. We are receiving multiple updates on policies and procedures on a daily basis.

Even if a person dies infected with COVID 19, we can still transport, using precautions and disinfectants as set forth by the CDC. We can also embalm an infected decedent the way we always have. Embalming also affords us time, if the viewing needs to be delayed. The CDC has said there is no danger in viewing an embalmed or properly disinfected body that had COVID 19.

As for services, we are currently suggesting that they all be private. The other alternative would be to wait, as a properly embalmed body can still be viewed even a couple weeks after death, and if cremation takes place, then a memorial service can happen anytime in the future. There would be some obvious scheduling complications with a backlog of services once things return to normal, but like everything else, we will organize and sort things out the best we can.

If this pandemic continues to escalate, and you’re quarantined yourself or are not comfortable meeting with us in person to handle arrangements, we can certainly do everything by phone and email. We are also in the process of working with our funeral software company on setting up a “family link”, which would invite family members to a portal using a secure link, allowing all parties to share information, take part in writing the obituary, sign and upload documents, and even make payment. We are hoping to have this up and running by next week.

We are optimistic about the future, and getting back to normal. But as always, we are willing to adapt to the situation and do what’s necessary for the betterment of our community, friends, and families. We hope you all stay safe and healthy, and may God Bless you.

Stephen A. Williams, Funeral Director
Osborne-Williams Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Inc. - Greenville, PA

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We are located in Northwestern Pennsylvania in the beautiful Town of Greenville, and are one of the longest tenured, family businesses in our community, dating back to 1915.  We have maintained the traditional style of a "mom and pop" type of funeral home that the families of Northern Mercer County have grown accustomed to over the past century.  It is our goal to meet the needs of every family that calls on us, no matter how big or small the request.

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All lifelong residents of Greenville, the Williams family has managed the business since 2001 (purchasing in 2005).  We believe in community pride, strong traditions, and family bonds.  We would be honored to allow our family to serve yours, when the need arises.

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